About Kinzang

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An irrelevant fact: From infancy through schools and in my adult life, I have been called by many names but the one that stuck with me, in one form or the other and for reasons unknown, is Kinzang Dorjic.


Like that of every human being I know and heard of, past and present, my ancestry goes back to Africa. But I was bred, born and brought up high in the peaks of the Himalayas in Bhutan. I studied Journalism in Australia, got my MA in Diplomacy from the UK, and have been posted in Bangladesh and in India where I currently am.


In the small world I inhabit, I don multiple hats every day. I am a bureaucrat by profession; a husband and a parent through a serendipitous sequence of events; an amateur digital craftsman out of necessity with volatile interest in web development, programming, and graphic design; a compulsive reader; and, an insatiable learner drawn to the mysteries of the world.


The fact that you have landed on this page shows our paths in the journey of life, no matter where we started from, have crossed. As travel companions, we can share a gesture to point to the right direction, a few random facts that may come in handy, some anecdotes to trick the mind and – if our shared paths go farther enough – stories from places and times far beyond our own limited frontiers, and even delve into grand theories from the scientific, philosophical and spiritual realms so that at the end of this companionship we may be better off.